Simplify and accelerate compliance testing

Make the SOX audit process a breeze. Save precious resources and time. Design your own controls and keep your SAP systems in compliance at all times.

Streamline your SAP auditing processes and boost audit efficiency with SmartSOX

Achieve transparency and compliance in your SAP environment

Use the automated compliance testing application and use the report to identify potential risks and select the audit sample for further investigation.

Improve flexibility and scalability in your audit systems

Use the SmartSOX Control Designer to design and implement your own custom controls. SmartSOX for SAP comes with a predefined control set to help you get started.

Be proactive and mitigate risks as early as possible

SmartSOX for SAP includes a powerful Compliance Monitor, a service that monitors your production systems daily and notifies the process owners for any changes in crucial system objects included in the controls.

Automate the investigation of potential risks

SmartSOX for SAP attaches to the standard SAP workflow so that the process owners can approve or investigate any possible risks caused by system changes.

Reduce paperwork and manual audit and compliance work

Task automation and workflow routing enables to reduce manual labor. Smarter audit sample selection increases both effectiveness and efficiency.

Focus and select the right audit sample

Focusing on the correct areas in your SAP production systems significantly reduces the effort needed in your periodic audit reviews.

Navigate the complexities of the SOX Audit process

Your guide to smarter and faster audits is just a click away.

Use Cases of SmartSOX for SAP Systems

SmartSOX for SAP is an easy-to-use solution for auditing all SOX controls for SAP ECC and S/4HANA.

Every modern business is seeking smarter ways to manage unforeseen changes and risks while staying ahead of compliance requirements.
That’s where SmartSOX comes in – an automated audit reporting solution designed to simplify compliance and amplify efficiency.

How can you master SOX compliance in a global and diverse business landscape?

Keeping systems in compliance

With SmartSOX Compliance Monitor, you’re not just kept in the loop – you’re in control. Control Owners gain full visibility into IT system changes with proactive alerts that keep you informed in detail. Simultaneously, a comprehensive audit trail is constructed, furnishing you with the documentation you need for compliance.

How did a global telecoms company achieve SOX compliance?

Focusing on the changes that matter the most

SmartSOX for SAP has a unique and ambitious goal; to save both your auditors and your organization in general, valuable time and precious resources during the audit process. This is taking place very simply by selecting the most appropriate audit sample; narrowing down the audit effort to the areas that are most probable to introduce or have introduced risks during this period.

Our commitment to simplifying your auditing process is at the core of SmartSOX for SAP. Using the comprehensive and easy-to-use audit report you can access a concise and precise lists of changes that ensure your compliance reporting is on point.

How did SmartSOX empower a global quick-service restaurant powerhouse?