Key Features of SmartSOX for SAP Systems

SmartSOX for SAP is a cost-efficient solution for automated audit reporting, that helps you stay ahead of your organization’s IT compliance requirements.

SmartSOX for SAP seamlessly integrates with your existing SAP ECC or S/4HANA environment, automatically identifying and reporting application, configuration, and custom development changes.

Non-compliance with SOX regulations is simply not an option for today’s businesses.

Acknowledging the ever-changing and more complex business environment, aevITas IT has developed a comprehensive solution for your firm’s compliance needs.

Achieve transparency and compliance in your SAP environment


Using the automated compliance testing application and the audit report you have the ability to identify potential risks and select the audit sample for further investigation. How does this happen?

A rigorous and thorough procedure goes through all the possible changes that have impacted the installed and already configured SOX Controls and presents any possible risk sources in a convenient list that can also be exported in an Excel file.

Even further, SmartSOX is configured to look for any direct changes to your SAP productive system that could also present serious risks and might need to be investigated.


Improve flexibility and scalability in your audit systems


Using the SmartSOX Control Designer your team can design, implement, test and monitor your own custom controls. Even more, SmartSOX for SAP comes with a predefined control set to help you get started.

Customizing your SOX controls, you have the power to adapt to business changes and be ready to anticipate any possible risks in your productive systems.

Book a demo now to see for yourself how our Control Designer allows you to craft IT controls that align precisely with your SOX requirements.


Be proactive and mitigate risks as early as possible


SmartSOX for SAP includes a powerful Compliance Monitor, a service that monitors your production systems daily and notifies the process owners for any changes in crucial system objects included in the controls.

Control owners gain full visibility into IT system changes with proactive alerts that keep you informed. Simultaneously, a comprehensive audit trail is constructed, providing you with the documentation you need.