Benefits of implementing SmartSOX for SAP Systems

SmartSOX for SAP Systems is one of the most important tool in auditor’s toolkits; it helps your company avoid nasty surprises and act as an early warning system to identify and manage potential operational risks.

Never struggle again with the high volume of workload associated with compliance.
Harness the power of automated control testing and compliance monitoring.

Automate the investigation of potential risks


SmartSOX for SAP attaches to the standard SAP workflow so that the process owners can approve or investigate any possible risks caused by system changes.

For every affected control that is appropriately configured, any change will automatically trigger a workflow task that will prompt the Control Owner to start an investigation about the specific incident.


Reduce paperwork and manual audit and compliance work


Task automation and workflow routing enables to reduce manual labor. Smarter audit sample selection increases both effectiveness and efficiency.

Anticipating and identifying potential risks is nearly impossible without a well-designed compliance tool. That is where SmartSOX fills the gap.


Focus and select the right audit sample


Focusing on the correct areas in your SAP production systems significantly reduces the effort needed in your periodic audit reviews.

Auditing your entire system is admittedly impossible. SmartSOX ensures that the audit efforts are concentrated where they matter the most, avoiding unnecessary reviews of irrelevant or low-risk areas.